All You Need to Know About Falsework & Temporary Propping Systems

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In last month's blog we featured everything you need to know about formwork. This month, falsework will take centre stage and we will help you learn more about what falsework is used for and the different types of falsework products available. Read on to discover:

Falsework hire by Leada Acrow

Read on to discover:

What is falsework?

Falsework is used to temporarily prop and support a structure while it is under construction. Falsework can be used to support a range of permanent structures before their completion, including:

  • Bridge deck construction or support
  • Prefabricated concrete elements for building or civil construction
  • Formwork for in-situ concrete structures and RC Frames

Falsework is used to support a structure during refurbishment works or if it needs additional structural support. It can also be used to support the plant, equipment and people required to build a permanent structure and this must be taken in consideration when calculating loads.

What different falsework systems are available?

Falsework systems are modular and generally hired as a complete system with various components included for fast and efficient assembly and use. Falsework products are highly stressed, usually to 90% of their safe working load over short periods of time. Different products have different tolerances and the design of the product must account for the fact that they are reused many times. The most frequently used systems are as follows:

Prop and Beam Falsework

Perfectly suited for smaller projects, a Prop and Beam system can offer a flexible and cost effect falsework solution. Using high quality wooden beams that can be placed in any position, the user is not limited to a rigid system, making it perfectly suited for changing slab layouts. Prop and Beam falsework has low material costs and so is a cost-effective option, even with only a few concrete pours. Prop and Beam consists of the following components:

  • MEP Prop or Euro Prop
  • H20 Timber Beam (H refers to the shape of the beam and 20 refers to the 20cm depth of the beam)
  • U-Head - a bracket which the timber beam sits in.
MevaDec Falsework

Meva-Dec Panelled Decking with MEP Support

A Panelled Decking falsework system is perfect for multi storey slab formation. Its quick strip system can significantly reduce the time required on long duration jobs with multiple pours. Suitable for any slab with integrated facing in panels or separate facing sheet, it allows the user to change forming direction, since it has no fixed grid. The Meva-Dec system is made up of the following components:

  • MEP Prop
  • Meva-Dec Drop head
  • MEP Frame (For Higher Leg Loads)
  • Primary Beam
  • Meva-Dec decking panel

Co-Planar Falsework System

Co-Planar is a heavy-duty falsework system that can accommodate any slab thickness and type. The system is perfect for heavy-duty bridges, culverts, and high level reinforced concrete slabs. The Co-Planar system is made up of the following components:

  • Co-Planer adjustable base plate
  • Co-Planer Upright leg
  • Co-Planer adjustable u-head
  • Co-Planer ledgers and bracing

Leada Acrow hold the latest falsework products on the market to ensure our customers achieve high quality results. Our products are at the cutting edge of technology and designed to make the construction processes more efficient, with simple erection, shorter assembly times, and enhanced safety.

Falsework propping systems

How hiring falsework products can help you achieve a high-quality finish.

Leada Acrow hold the wide range of falsework products necessary to meet the varying needs of building contractors. Our experienced team understand all areas of falsework design and will be able to advise on the most suitable solution and products for your project. Hiring equipment reduces the upfront costs and investment associated with the purchase of falsework for any project and provides flexibility, both economically and in equipment choice.

Hiring equipment means you don't have to worry about maintaining the product and you can rest assured that the equipment meets all the critical safety regulations. We regularly invest in new equipment meaning that our fleet is one of the youngest in the industry. Our established asset management system ensures that following a hire, each individual piece of falsework equipment is checked, cleaned and repaired as necessary before it is allowed back into the hire fleet. This means that when our equipment is delivered to you, it is in perfect working order.

How to hire falsework products from Leada Acrow and what you need to consider.

To discuss your falsework requirements, you can either visit one of the 9 specialist Leada Acrow service centres located across the UK, visit our website to log an online product enquiry, or make contact with our Sales Engineers to arrange a site visit to discuss your project requirements.

Our Sales and Design Engineers will meet with your team to understand the project and to obtain:

  • The design or construction brief
  • Technical drawings
  • Start dates and programme information
  • Specifications

We will then develop a bespoke design, taking into consideration formwork, falsework and groundwork requirements to develop an integrated solution. The final design will be produced using 2D or 3D CAD software to provide detailed drawings.

We will continue to work with you through the lifespan of the project to provide additional falsework products as necessary, quickly developing solutions and materials to ensure your project remains on track. Once a final solution is agreed by both parties and approved by yourselves, we will produce a quotation outlining the weekly hire value of the equipment to be supplied and delivered to site.

To hire from Leada Acrow, you will need to set up an A-Plant account. This is a simple process that can be completed in one of our 9 service centre locations. You will need to provide photographic ID, references and confirmation of insurances, after which your credit account can be approved and activated within 24 to 48 hours! Once your account is set up, you can also access the thousands of other products available to hire from across the specialist A-Plant divisions.


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