£2 million residential property

Our Liverpool Service Centre was selected to assist in the construction of this impressive £2 million residential property based in Wilmslow, South Manchester. Working with Sandycroft Construction, a Midlands-based construction company, we were able to successfully supply all of the trench support for the project, as well as formwork for a large basement swimming pool.

Customer Name

Sandycroft Construction

Project Location

Wilmslow, South Manchester

This was a very well organised project with temporary working drawings drawn up for each part of the build. Initially we conducted a site visit to find out all the relevant facts and measurements, in order to provide the best solutions possible. From there, during every stage of the project we worked with the customer ensuring there was a smooth and successful build.

The Challenge

Despite the careful planning procedures in place, it’s vital that we are able to respond to unforeseeable changes quickly; one week before delivery, the specifications changed and smaller panels were required due to weight and reach restrictions. Within this time we were able to re-measure, relay the information to our engineers, re-issue the drawings, source the new smaller panels, clean them and deliver them to site the day the customer required.

The Solution

To construct the windows and high level slab interfaces, we formed high level rebates and low level stop ends within the wall construction. The pool required reinforced concrete followed by a waterproofing agent. To assist in the trench support we used our Mammut Formwork System.

The Results

The customer and sub-contractor on-site had never used our Mammut Formwork System and were extremely pleased with the ease of build. They will be using the system again in the future.

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