G&B Finch Quarry

G&B Finch supplies aggregates and other materials such as sand, gravel and ballast to the construction and associated industries.

  • GB Finch Quarry Case Study
  • GB Finch Quarry Case Study

Customer Name

G&B Finch

Project Location

Asheldham Near Maldon


2 weeks

Products Used

A total of 26 Galvanised Mammut 350 Panels including Internal and External Corner.

The company has its own quarry located in the hamlet of Asheldham, Southminster, and required formwork for the construction of the walls of a new cement works in the quarry. Leada Acrow enjoys an excellent relationship with G&B Finch and the company approached us with their own design and list of formwork equipment required.

We were selected to assist with this phase of the works due to our ability to provide a swift and reliable service to allow them to pour concrete on their desired date. As G&B Finch were able to hire the formwork exactly when they needed it, it meant that they avoided the capital outlay of purchasing expensive formwork systems for the project.

The Challenge

This was a challenging project due to the time constraints and availability of the formwork panels. The original design specified the use of our former powder-coated Mammut panels, but as these have now been superseded by our new generation galvanised Mammut panels, the design needed to be adapted to incorporate the new galvanised panels. Time was of the essence and the Leada Acrow design office in Colnbrook pulled out all the stops to finalise a fresh design in time for the concrete pour date.

The Solution

Working as a collective, the Colnbrook service centre, design office and senior management redesigned the works and ensured the availability of the new galvanised panels for collection for the required date. The initial enquiry was made on the Tuesday and the Colnbrook design office provided a design and kit list within a matter of days, ready for collection of the panels on the Friday of that same week.

The Results

G&B Finch were absolutely delighted with our swift action and high customer service levels to ensure a total of 26 new galvanised Mammut panels were provided in time for the concrete pour. As well as the availability of our equipment for the project, the panels have also provided significant performance benefits. With an Alkus face, the heavy duty Mammut 350 panels are redefining standards in wall formwork and the galvanizing method used provides the panels with technically the best possible coating solution and corrosion protection to the equipment. Particularly well suited for very large and high structures, Mammut 350 allows the industry’s highest available concrete load capacity of 100kN/m² and any rate of pouring up to a height of 4m.

“We were delighted with the expertise that Leada Acrow provided to assist the construction of a new cement works in our quarry. The formwork panels were provided at very short notice to allow the concrete pour to be carried out within a tight timeframe.”

Lee Finch, Director, G&B Finch