Lower Laithe Reservoir

Lower Laithe Reservoir was officially opened in 1925. The reservoir receives water from a natural catchment areas and supplies raw water, for treatment and eventual distribution, to a Water Treatment Works (WTW) located downstream.

Project Location

Keighley, West Yorkshire


3 months

In the summer of 2011, Leada Acrow worked on a project to raise the height of the spillway walls at the reservoir. One of the key parts of the brief was to offer a solution that would leave a clean concrete finish with minimal tie holes and joints from the formwork.

The Challenge

The length of the walls was in excess of 100 linear metres and we had to incorporate into our design movement joints at six metre centres, whilst overcoming the obstacle that the top third of the wall was a double sided shutter; plus the bottom section was cast against an existing stone wall. Furthermore, we had to work out the tie centres, and the lap of the shutter to ensure that ties remained at the same tie centres for all pours to ensure continuity in the wall finish.

The Solution

The Leada Acrow solution was a design that allowed for two ties in the concrete finish in height, one of which was into the wall kicker. The shutter was then retrained further and plumbed using Heavy Duty Shores. We had to overcome a number of issues in only a short time frame, such as the single and double sided element that had to be formed as a full height pour and the fact that the spillway was on a sloping base.

The Results

By working closely with the main contractor and our customer, the solution we devised was perfect for the job which made for a very satisfying conclusion.

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