New build construction of two maisonettes

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Global Homes




Five months

This project was a new build construction of two maisonettes over four floors including a basement. Basement walls and columns were constructed, along with floor slabs and retaining walls. An internal lift shaft was also constructed.

The Challenge

This project commenced in the spring during a period of particularly bad weather. These weather issues left us with limited time to produce designs and make any amendments; however, our design engineers worked around the clock to ensure deadlines were met. We discussed the plan of works in detail with Global Homes and worked alongside them to ensure schedules were met, due to good communication and planning. In addition, space on-site was somewhat limited, so it was important that we managed the amount of equipment being delivered at any one time.

The Solution

The first designs produced were for the basement walls, where Mammut panels were used for walls over three metres in height. These were followed by the columns where ply was used. The lift shaft, which went to the fourth floor, started to take shape. Our EcoAs system was used on the lift shaft throughout. Once the basement phase was complete, the ground floor slab was poured using Aluma beams. A similar phase of work of walls/slabs and lift shaft was used up to the fourth floor.  As each floor was constructed, the heights and area space started to decrease.

The Results

The project was successfully completed to the customer’s satisfaction, despite adverse weather conditions, several amendments to drawings and strict delivery of equipment to site.

We were very satisfied with the outcome of the project. The communication and excellent working relationship we developed with Leada Acrow made it easier to tackle issues together and find solutions with suitable outcomes.

Global Homes
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