Formwork for new silage pit

Mole Valley Farmers is a farming co-operative which was founded in the 1960s by a small group of farmers around South Molton.

Customer Name

Mole Valley Farmers

Project Location

South Molton

Owned by farmers for farmers, Mole Valley Farmers now consists of ten stores in the South West supplying a vast range of goods for farmers and the general public, feed mills manufacturing animal feeds, fertiliser blending plants, a specialist mineral plant and a quality farm building division.

Over the years, Leada Acrow has supported numerous members of Mole Valley Farmers in the South West by providing designs and equipment for the installation of walls, erection of farmhouses, barns and concrete bases, as well as supplying earthmoving equipment such as dumpers and excavators. In one of our most recent projects, we were approached by Hill Farm to design the walls for a new silage pit.

The Challenge

There was limited resource on-site, so the equipment needed to be easy to handle and able to be relocated to a series of other farms in the area for the same function.

The Solution

From our previous experience, we knew our EcoAs Panel Formwork System was perfect for the required job. The versatile, compact hand-set frame is easy to use and its all-plastic forming face ‘Alkus’ provides a consistent high quality concrete finish.

The Results

The farmer concerned was extremely impressed with how easy our EcoAs system was to use and the ability to move it on to the next project with ease.

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