Norfolk Electricity Substation

As part of a major development project by UK Power Networks, Norfolk Substation was commissioned to be upgraded. Newall Civil Engineering, a Norfolk-based and experienced local contractor, chose Leada Acrow to design a suitable formwork solution for the project.

Customer Name

Newall Civil Engineering

Project Location



3 months

The Challenge

This was a challenging assignment as the formwork solution needed to be able to negotiate around several corners, doorways and parallel walls.

The Solution

Our experienced engineering team at Colnbrook Acrow designed a system that used our Mammut Large Panel Formwork System. The 100Kn loading capacity of the system allowed Newall Civil Engineering to achieve their required pour rates with ease. Supplied from our Leada Acrow Service Centre in Romford, we supplied the formwork for hire in three separate deliveries which subsequently allowed Newall Civil Engineering to construct the formwork systematically and also helped the process due to a lack of storage space on-site.

Combined with sheet piles to the excavation, we also supplied the Edge Protection System from our Leada Acrow branch in Norwich, thus ensuring the safety of all personnel on the site under strict Health and Safety controls.

The Results

This project was successfully completed by all parties and we were delighted to receive some great feedback. It was extremely satisfying to overcome obstacles such as the close proximity of the walls, which meant that propping was far more complex than normal due to a lack of space. The Strutting system we designed allowed for the panels to be supported off each other using Push/Pull Props.

We were delighted with the solution offered by Leada Acrow as we were able to complete this part of the project on time and within budget. An excellent system and a true team performance from Leada Acrow through sales, engineering and operations.

Ian Martin, Site Foreman of Newall Civil Engineering
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