Odeon Façade Retention

Customer Name

Total Reclaims Demolition

Project Location


As part of a high profile project in Nottingham, we were contacted to provide the technical drawings and equipment for the demolition of a former Odeon cinema, plus its conversion into a new 15 storey block containing student accommodation and leisure facilities. The Odeon was first opened as ‘The Ritz’ in 1933 and has an interesting history as its auditorium could once accommodate 2,500 people before it was split into two screens in 1964. It has also hosted concerts by the likes of the Beatles, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. Prior to the demolition work, the building had been derelict for almost 15 years.

The Challenge

Due to the building’s history, a crucial part of the project was to retain the façade, whilst demolishing the inside to then create the new build out of mainly steel and glass.

The Solution

Leada Acrow came up with a special design solution for the façade retention which took into account the delicately poised building behind it. We used a system of Slimlite Soldiers, Bracings and Flying Shores to take the existing load from the building during demolition and for a further 20 week period whilst the build and steels were erected.

The Results

With the very nature of demolition and rebuild projects, the designs had to be flexible to move with the changes or alterations requested for the new build. Leada Acrow was able to easily support the contractors on-site by updating drawings to ensure the project ran smoothly.

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