Grain Silos, Rackheath Industrial Estate

Our Service Centre in Norwich was contacted by Tilia Properties to propose a solution to form two radial concrete bases for the erection of Grain Silos on Rackheath Industrial Estate in Norwich.

Customer Name

Tilia Properties

Project Location

Rackheath, Norwich

The Challenge

The construction of the bases involved a complex operation as they needed to be formed as a one sided shutter below ground, followed by a 1.2m upstand before creating auger channels throughout the base. A variety of different ways had been recommended for the forming of the bases, however Leada Acrow’s technical engineers came up with a solution that would offer the best possible results and also ensure the project met its strict deadline so the finished silos could harvest the year’s crops.

The Solution

After numerous discussions Leada Acrow proposed a build using the EcoAs Panel System which would allow the radial base to be created with a tolerance of +/- 1mm from being a perfect circle. What’s more, the system proved incredibly efficient as it allowed for the equipment to be used for pours one and two, and to then utilise 90% of the equipment to create the augers in the base.

The Results

Combined with the speed of installation and the versatility of the equipment, the cost savings the EcoAs Panel System offered the customer over traditional formwork methods was an attractive and ultimately very successful proposition.

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