Leada Acrow

MEVA and Leada Acrow have a long standing and successful history together, which dates back to 2000 when Leada Acrow started using MEVA’s “all-plastic facing” wall and slab panels as its main product for formwork systems.

The relationship became exclusive in 2013 when a deal was signed for MEVA to become the sole supplier to Leada Acrow in the UK. The agreement positioned Leada Acrow as one of the biggest suppliers of formwork and falsework equipment in Great Britain.

The partnership with Leada Acrow is based on joint experience in providing the best possible product and service for every concrete pour. Importantly for the customer, this deal means they have the added benefit of even greater nationwide support, quicker access to a large hire fleet and the confidence that no matter what the size of the project, they can be assured of receiving the very best products backed up by the very best engineering and service.

The agreement with MEVA also shows Leada Acrow’s commitment to the products and the industry, whilst giving a fantastic opportunity to be the customers’ number one choice for formwork. Leada Acrow can offer the best products on the market, backed up by a network of customer focused Service Centres and a team of experienced temporary works engineering staff. What’s more, Leada Acrow is able to work even closer with MEVA.

About MEVA

MEVA stands for sophisticated formwork systems, continuous product development and comprehensive services. Since its foundation 40 years ago, MEVA has launched numerous innovations and is now among the leading, globally operating companies in formwork technology. MEVA provides a dense distribution network with branch offices, subsidiaries on different continents and specialised dealers. This offers contractors all over the world competent advice and backup for the planning and construction of sophisticated buildings.

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