Facade Retention & Heavy Duty Shoring

Heavy Duty Shoring

Standard Slimlite Soldiers are used to produce Heavy Duty Shores, which are designed to be used as economic high strength backing member for all Heavy Duty Propping applications. The units are made of high grade steel with a compact yet strong section, spliced end to end they can be constructed to any desired length.

The resultant Heavy Duty Shores provide a load bearing capacity of up to 200kN in the vertical mode and up to 130kN in a raking application.

Heavy Duty Propping

Façade Retention

The Façade Retention System incorporates standard Slimlite Solidier equipment with Multi-Joint connectors, which allows for horizontal and vertical members to be connected at any position along the length of each Shore. This enables a greater degree of flexibility in the design and provides a high capacity loading solution.

Stability is obtained by anchoring the Soldiers to concrete blocks with sufficient weight to resist all horizontal and any vertical forces.

Suitable applications

  • Building renovation
  • Demolition
  • Propping
  • Needling
  • Can also provide the support platform for the placement of site cabins above ground level

Key features

  • Use of standard Slimlite Soldiers components
  • Heavy loading capacity
  • Splice connection for quick and economical assembly
  • A wide range of sizes to suit various applications
  • Service Centres
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