CaroFalt - Column Formwork

Carofalt column formwork is quick to assemble, strike and move with ease, providing users with the best of column forming experiences. The Carofalt foldable and mobile column formwork solution is integrated with safety equipment. Column sizes from 200 to 600 mm are quick and easy to pour. The size setting is simple and accurate. The all-plastic facing alkus delivers a superior concrete finish, first time, every time.

CaroFalt consists of four identical panels with articulated links, which are assembled like a windmill. It can be used with or without triangular strips to form either sharp or exactly bevelled edges. Height extensions in increments of 300mm can be accomplished by adding 600mm or 1200mm high extension panels at the bottom of the 2700mm or 3600mm high standard panels. This way, the access platform and ladder do not have to be assembled and dismantled again and again. Once attached all accessories remain at their position.

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