Mammut 350 - Large Wall Formwork Panel System

The Mammut 350 wall formwork panel system is suitable for large scale applications and is available to hire from Leada Acrow service centres nationwide.

Meva has redefined standards in wall formwork with the development of the Mammut 350 panel system, as well as meeting those higher environmental requirements, with its hot-dip galvanised coating. The galvanising method used provides the panel with technically the best possible coating solution and corrosion protection for this type of equipment.

With a standard height of 3.50m and a perfect symmetry of tie holes and panel joints, the Mammut 350 has become the leading formwork system for architectural finish in civil engineering, commercial and residential construction. The basic panel covers two different floor heights: 3500mm and 2500mm as it can be used in either horizontal or vertical positions. One panel provides a forming surface of 8.75m².

Leada Acrow: UK's sole supplier of Mammut 350 panels
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